Svelte Vegan and Gluten-Free Protein Shakes | Shop for Weight LossThe cost for groceries is expected to rise 3-4% during 2013 and will likely continue that trend in the coming years, but just because prices are going up, doesn’t mean your scale has to also. A few simple changes on how you approach shopping for food can have a positive impact on your bottom and your bottom line.

In order to be successful, you must learn how to grocery shop smarter for your waistline and budget.  Below are four strategies we found that will make your next shopping experience more enjoyable for your bank account and your figure.

Don’t Shop on an Empty Stomach: This tends to be the main cause of buying unhealthy snacks and increasing your total grocery bill. Always make sure you show up to the supermarket full and satisfied. Try to shop the perimeters of the supermarket where the fresh foods like meat, fruits, vegetables, and milk are located. Avoid the isles where the junk food and processed food are located to avoid temptation.

Plan ahead. Checking weekly ads and making a grocery list that you are going to stick with is essential. Wednesdays are typically the day grocery stores announce their sales and send out their flyers for the week. Plan your dinner menu based on what is on sale or what you have coupons for. Check your cupboards to see if you have what’s needed to create a complete meal. Then pick up the additional items you will need, along with the sale items while you are at the store.

Buy produce that is in season. The unprocessed and most nutrient dense produce will be the offered in season. Fresh produce will loose its rich flavor and unique texture the more it is handled. The newly harvested produce is certain to have their flavor and nutrition desired. The abundance of the produce is also less expensive when it is in season.

You can find great deals that won’t include shipping costs by shopping at your local farmer’s market. You can also look for a local CSA (community supported agriculture) that will allow you to buy direct from a local farmer throughout the year.

Love your beans. Beans are packed with fiber, protein, and antioxidants, which in turn is good for your waistline. You can’t go wrong at about 50 cents or less for a ½-cup serving of canned beans. Beans can be incorporated into most meals such as chili, enchiladas, pasta, soup, stew, and salads. To diversify the flavor, you can add a variety of spices.

Make the most out of your next supermarket trip by keeping your budget under control and choosing healthy options. Svelte is the perfect on-the-go snack that will keep your tummy tight and wallet filled with green! The well-balanced nutrition drink not only tastes delicious, but also keeps you filled up between meals. Visit our website to find a retail location near you!

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