Famous for its ability to develop strength and agility, Pilates is based on elements of yoga and the martial arts. Designed as a sequence of short exercises, Pilates seeks to build flexibility, strength, mental acuity, and endurance without adding muscle bulk. As Joseph Pilates, the founder of this method of exercise put it, “In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20, you will see the difference. And in 30, you’ll be on your way to having a whole new body.”

Celebrity trainer, Kristin McGee, loves Pilates because it can be done anywhere and anytime.  Pilates was designed to only need a yoga mat and your own body. Specialized equipment, machines, or apparatus may be used in a concentrated Pilate’s class. Pilates classes are easily found at your local gym, specialized studios, or community centers. The Mayo Clinic suggests joining a beginner’s class for the best way to learn Pilates. From there, the Internet or an instructional Pilates DVD will teach you different styles of the exercise.

4 reasons to try Pilates:

1. Strengthen and lengthen. You will develop longer and leaner muscles because are you strengthening and stretching at the same time. The stretches performed in Pilates improve muscle elasticity and joint mobility.

2. Core & Back Development. The core (center of your body) benefits considerably from Pilates. Your focus is on controlling the core, which are the deep abdominal muscles along with the muscles closest to the spine.

3. Increases Flexibility. Movements done in Pilates focus on elongating and strengthening your muscles by stretching your muscles and joints through wide motion ranges.

4. Low Impact. Most sports take a toll on your joints after years of practice. The gentle and slow movements that these regimens require allow you to boost your flexibility and strength without putting too much stress on your joints. You will develop stronger joints by training muscles near them and eliminating trembling in the muscles.

There is no special diet linked with practicing Pilates. However, to maximize the benefit of Pilates, you want to consume foods that keep you highly balanced. To stay satisfied during your session eat something light, yet filling, with protein and complex carbs

A way to guarantee you maintain energy during your Pilates workout is to drink a protein shake an hour before. Svelte sustains your energy while keeping your stomach small, so you can connect to your center. It is also important to keep the body hydrated throughout your workout.  Zico coconut water is the ultimate hydration drink. It’s packed with electrolytes, potassium and has a lower acidity then sport drinks and juices.

Pilates also benefits your emotional health. The steady and smooth movements calm your mind and relax your nervous system. Your circulation increases as you strengthen and lengthen your muscles and tension melts away. Focus on yourself to feel composed, balanced, and revitalized. The vast amount of information that Pilates gives about your body is priceless.

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