What you eat for breakfast can set the tone for your whole day. From improved concentration and memory to lower cholesterol, eating breakfast can help your body stay in rhythm and improve your health. You’re also less likely to overeat later in the day if you’ve had a good breakfast. Check out these seven breakfast options to promote a healthy lifestyle and support weight loss efforts every day of the week.

Chia seeds with berries

Chia seeds are a natural whole grain that provide powerful nutritional value for very few calories. When the seeds soak in liquid, they turn soft like pudding. Soak them overnight in Svelte French Vanilla for a sweet breakfast, and top with a few berries in the morning. Delicious!

Start the morning right with chia seeds and Svelte French Vanilla.

Oatmeal with fruit

Oats are easy to make and full of great nutrition. Not only are they good for you, there are tons of options for savory or sweet variations. Try adding berries, bananas, or even coconut shavings. Oatmeal is hearty, so it keeps you feeling full longer and can stop mid-morning snacking in it’s tracks. If you’re trying to lose weight, cutting out snacking is a great first step. Try some dressed up oatmeal for breakfast; you won’t be disappointed, and your stomach will thank you.

Stay full longer with a hearty helping of oatmeal.

Yogurt with granola and fruit

Go for a classic breakfast and eat some low-fat yogurt with a little fruit and a granola topping. This simple parfait is great for on the go, and like oatmeal it keeps you feeling full for a while. Yogurt also carries the bonus benefits of probiotics for digestion. Choosing your yogurt is important, as many popular brands are high in fat, sugar, and unnatural ingredients. Use a guide for healthy yogurts to pick the best kind for you.

Yogurt with granola and fruit makes for a healthy and filling breakfast.

Fruit smoothies

Knock your breakfast out of the park with a delicious and healthy smoothie. Try using Svelte as the liquid component so you get your plant-based protein, and then add in your veggies and fruit. Get some smoothie inspiration with our delightful recipe ideas.

Smoothies made with Svelte and vegetables give you a strong, protein-rich start.

Papaya with berries

Skip the blender and go right to source with a papaya and berry breakfast. Papayas are a source of antioxidants and are delicious! Dress it up with some berries, or sprinkle some dry chia seeds on top for a little extra crunch. The sky’s the limit with this underused, delightful breakfast fruit.

papaya and granola makes a great breakfast choice

Whole wheat breakfast sandwich

Rock your morning with a hearty whole wheat sandwich. Load it up with sliced veggies and a little humus, and give it a quick grill. When buying bread, make sure you choose an option that says it’s 100 percent whole grain or similar, and look at the list of ingredients to make sure flour isn’t first on the list. Choosing a truly whole grain bread will ensure you get the low fat and high fiber you’re looking for.

Try a whole-wheat, vegetarian breakfast sandwich for your morning meal.

Eggs on toast

If a more traditional breakfast is your style, go for protein-rich eggs in the morning. Fry an egg sunny-side up, and put it on a piece of whole grain toast with some sliced tomato. This breakfast might seem too good to be true, but when you choose the right bread and vegetables, it can be a healthy and balanced start to the day.

A classic breakfast of eggs on whole wheat may be your new favorite.

Now you’re ready to start the day right! With these seven breakfast ideas, you can try something new every day of the week. The key is to eat hearty and healthy in the morning so lunchtime hunger comes just in time.

Get started with some Svelte organic protein shakes. Do you have your own twist on these breakfast concoctions? Tell us all about it on Facebook!

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